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Criminal Defense PACDL: Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Gavel and Bill of Rights
Defending your rights in Pennsylvania since 1988

Joining PACDL

The Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is open to law students and attorneys admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania who are actively engaged in the defense of criminal cases. An attorney who holds judicial or prosecutorial office is ineligible to become or remain a member of the Association. PACDL members receive a personalized certificate of membership, the newsletter, "Liberty Watch", discounts on seminar fees, the PACDL handbook, and the knowledge that they have contibuted to the goals and financial stability of the Association.

If you would like more information, or have questions, please contact us.

PACDL accepts checks, Visa and Mastercard as payment options.

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Benefits of PACDL Membership

Join forces with over 850 private criminal defense practitiones and public defenders dedicated to the preservation of the adversary system of justice, which had worked so well until the "war" on drugs. Since 1988, the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers' efforts have resulted in substantial benefits to members and their clients by providing: access to our extensive Brief Bank, help from the Lawyers Assistance Strike Force, assistance from the Amicus Committee, advice from the Hotline Panel of Experts, and in-depth resource materials.

CLE Seminars

PACDL organizes the best accredited CLE seminars in the state for criminal defense lawyers. Click here to view the current schedule of seminars.

Brief Bank

One of the valuable benefits of membership to PACDL is access to our extensive Brief Bank, a digital library of briefs written and submitted by our members.

PACDL Listserv

Have a sticky issue that you need advice on? Get fast feedback using the PACDL Listserv to contact other PACDL members.

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