Award Nominations

Why Nominate a Colleague for an Award

Nominating a colleague for an award in a criminal defense lawyer association can be a meaningful and impactful gesture for several reasons:

Recognition of Excellence: Awards in professional associations are a way to recognize and celebrate excellence within the field. Nominating a colleague acknowledges their outstanding contributions and achievements, which can boost their morale and motivate them to continue their exceptional work.

Building a Strong Community: By nominating a colleague, you contribute to building a supportive and collaborative community within the association. Recognizing each other's accomplishments fosters camaraderie and a sense of unity among members, ultimately strengthening PACDL.

Setting a Positive Example: Nominating a colleague for an award sets a positive example for others within PACDL. It encourages a culture of recognition and appreciation, inspiring more members to participate actively and excel in their respective roles.

Elevating the Profession: When a colleague receives an award, it not only honors their individual accomplishments but also elevates the entire profession. It showcases the high standards and dedication of criminal defense lawyers, which can improve the public perception of the legal profession.

Encouraging Personal Growth: Awards often come with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Nominating a colleague for an award can help them gain access to valuable networking opportunities, conferences, or training programs, which can further enhance their skills and knowledge.

Strengthening the Association's Reputation: Recognizing outstanding members through awards enhances the reputation and credibility of the association itself. This, in turn, can attract more talented lawyers to join and participate actively in the organization.

Boosting Morale and Engagement: Receiving an award can be a significant morale booster for the recipient, making them feel valued and appreciated. It can also increase their engagement within the association and motivate them to contribute even more.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: Nominating colleagues from diverse backgrounds for awards helps promote diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. It sends a message that the association values and celebrates a variety of perspectives and experiences.

Fostering Healthy Competition: Healthy competition among colleagues can lead to continuous improvement within the field. Nominating a colleague for an award can inspire others to strive for excellence, ultimately raising the overall standard of practice in criminal defense law.

Strengthening Bonds: Nominating a colleague for an award is a gesture of support and appreciation that can strengthen the professional and personal bonds between members. It promotes a sense of unity and shared purpose within the association.

In summary, nominating a colleague for an award in a criminal defense lawyer association is not only a way to recognize their achievements but also a means of promoting excellence, unity, and growth within the organization and the legal profession as a whole. It is a positive action that benefits both the individual and the association as a whole.Regenerate

Award Categories

Every year, the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers honors the service of members for their influence on the Association and beyond. The awards are made for outstanding contributions to the field of criminal defense law. Below are the list of awards delineated in PACDL's Bylaws.

Nominations are accepted January 1 through the end of February. If you want to nominate an individual, please complete the interactive form and submit it to PACDL.  
The Liberty Award - Presented to an individual, group or organization in recognition of a continuing commitment to the principles of liberty and equal justice under the law. The deserving recipient is selected by the President after consultation with the other officers.

The Charles P. Gelso President's Award - Presented to a member in special appreciation of outstanding contributions to the Association. The award recipient is chosen by the President.

President's and Directors' Commendation(s) -  Presented at the discretion of the President and Directors to a member or members in recognition of special contributions to the Association during the previous year. Recipient(s) are determined by the officers and a member of the Board of Directors designated by the officers.

The Alan Jay Josel Advocacy Award - Presented to a member in recognition of extraordinary advocacy in one or more cases, causes or issues during the previous year. The award recipient is selected by the President after consultation with the association officers.