PACDL bylaws are a set of rules and regulations established by this association to govern its internal operations, structure, and procedures. These bylaws outline how the organization is structured, how decisions are made, and how members should conduct themselves within the association. They cover various aspects, including:

Membership: PACDL's bylaws specify who is eligible for membership, the criteria for membership categories, and the process for joining or renewing membership.

Leadership and Governance: They outline the structure of leadership positions, such as the board of directors or executive committee, their roles and responsibilities, and the procedures for electing or appointing leaders.

Meetings: The bylaws define the types of meetings held (e.g., annual meetings, board meetings), how meetings are called, the quorum required for decision-making, and the rules of order for conducting meetings.

Voting and Decision-Making: The bylaws detail how voting is conducted, including the voting rights of members, the process for proxy voting, and the majority required to pass resolutions or make decisions.

Committees: They establish various committees, outlining their purposes, composition, and responsibilities.

Finances: Bylaws address financial matters, such as membership dues, budgeting, financial reporting, and procedures for handling funds and assets.

Amendments: Procedures for amending the bylaws themselves are included, specifying how changes can be proposed, reviewed, and approved by the membership.

Dissolution: They outline procedures for dissolving the organization, including the distribution of assets if applicable.

General Provisions: Bylaws may contain additional provisions related to indemnification of officers and directors, conflict of interest policies, and other matters relevant to the organization's operation.

These bylaws serve as a crucial framework for the association, ensuring transparency, accountability, and the smooth functioning of the organization. They are created and amended with input from the membership and are a foundational document that guides the association's activities and governance. Please click here for
the bylaws of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers revised on October 1, 2020 at the Annual Meeting of Members.