Allegheny County Chapter
Peer-to-peer networking group situated in Allegheny County.

Delaware County Chapter
A network of criminal defense attorneys practicing in Delaware County.

Philadelphia County Chapter
Peer-to-peer networking group devoted to advancing criminal defense practice at the Philadelphia County level.

Advocacy Committee
Responsible for assisting the PACDL board in advancing the Association's advocacy goals, fostering support across the executive, legislative, regulatory and judiciary channels, and establishing the Association's state advocacy priorities.  Chairpersons: Petra Gross and John Abom

Amicus Committee
Assists the PACDL board of directors in advancing the Association's judicial advocacy goals and advancing the Association's policies and agenda by drafting and submitting appellate amicus briefs on issues of importance to members.  Chairperson: Donna Walsh

Board Governance Committee
Ensures recruitment, development, assessment and education to the board of directors is a continuous and deliberate activity. The Committee aids board education and development and oversees board policies and practices related to governance principles, effective meeting practices, nominating and voting practices, orientation, evaluation, and education of board members. Chairperson:  Brian McMonagle

Board of Directors
Governing leaders elected by the membership annually at the Annual Membership Meeting.  President:  Wana Saadzoi

Education Committee
Identifies the educational needs of members and fosters educational excellence by providing unique, timely and skills-based CLE programs to the criminal defense bar. Chairperson:  Philip Gelso, Ashley Shapiro, and Amy Levenson Jones

Elections Committee
Oversees the Association's election process that includes supervising the administrative work related to the election of officers and board members and other matters required to be voted upon by the members at their annual meeting, creates campaign policies and guidelines, and inspects, verifies, and tallies ballots.

Finance & Audit
The Finance Committee oversees the fiduciary responsibilites of the Board of Directors, prepares annual budgets and ensures that the accounting administratioin is protected by a system of responsible checks and balances to ensure the responsible and best use of its funds.   Chairperson:  Edward F. Spreha, Jr.

Lawyers Assistance Strike Force
Assists and advises PACDL members when they face threats of contempt, disqualification, subpoenas, or other peril as a result of zealous advocacy. The assistance is a member benefit and is provided at no additional cost.  Chairperson:  Arthur T. Donato, Jr.

New Lawyers Committee
The New Lawyer Committee is comprised of new lawyers admitted to the Pennsylvania State Bar within the last three years. The group provides peer-to-peer networking opportunities. Chairperson:  Caroline Donato

Past Presidents Council
Provides counsel on the direction of PACDL and solicits advice and recommendations to enhance fundraising and membership participation. Chairperson: Robert Donatoni

Platform Committee
Formulates the legislative platform for the Association including: reviewing public policy proposals, creating public policy recommendations, and presenting the proposed legislative platform for consideration by the members at the annual membership meeting.  Chairperson:  Arthur Donato

Publications Committee
Serves as the editorial board for the Association's quarterly digital magazine, For the Defense.  The responsibilities include identifying topics and authors of interest for publication and editing editorial submissions.  Chairperson:  Philip Gelso

Rules Committee
Committee reviews proposed Pennsylvania Court rules and submits comments.  Chairpersons:  Jordan Barnett ad Susan Lin

White Collar Practice Committee
The committee coordinates the annual White Collar Practice Seminar and networking events for white collar lawyers. They also monitor developments regarding issues relevant to the white collar bar and periodically presents mini seminars and social events on a wide variety of issues. Chairpersons:  Michael Engle and Arthur T. Donato, Jr.