Course Presenters

For more than 30 years, PACDL has been a consistent leader in setting the standard for excellence in helping criminal defense practitioners by providing the best continuing legal education programs in the Mid-Atlantic region and offering opportunities for professional networking.  Throughout the year, our events reach hundreds of criminal defense lawyers across all practice areas including DUI/DWI, search and seizure, white collar crime, and capital cases. PACDL is dedicated to presenting substantive, core-powered education. 

​PACDL has created a presenter reimbursement policy and agreement that reflect the values of the Association to foster inquiry and knowledge, reflect collaboration and collegiality, and fairly treat all presenters.  The policy seeks to optimize members' expertise and offer leadership opportunities to criminal defense lawyers to enjoy the prestige and recognition associated with leading course sessions and contributing to knowledge sharing with fellow practitioners.  It also is intended to ensure that the Association delivers unique high educational value content that meets the business needs of the profession. 

Presenters are required to provide high quality, thoughtful, resourceful and accurate written materials along with a PowerPoint presentation that supplements your oral remarks.  PACDL has adopted standards for written materials and they are made available to presenters interested in presenting specific educational content at an upcoming CLE event.  Please connect with our office at to discuss opportunities and our policies.