Court Case Summaries

The Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers provides you with timely summaries of court cases from select Pennsylvania Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Court rulings relevant to a criminal practice. Review recent decisions and news, or browse through our free collection of summaries.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court recently decided the case of Commonwealth v. Scott, No. 1470 WDA 2016 (December 8, 2017), holding that the trial court erred in finding Scott strictly liable for carrying a concealed firearm and that, in order to establish a violation of carrying a concealed firearm without a license, the Commonwealth must establish that the defendant intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly concealed the firearm.

The PA Superior Court has recently decided the case of Commonwealth v. Torres, No. 3737 EDA 2016 (December 8, 2017), holding that because Torres consented to a blood draw only after being informed that he faced enhanced criminal penalties for failure to do so, it was proper for the trial court to suppress the results of a warrantless blood test obtained following his DUI arrest.