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For the Public:  Looking for an attorney.  This directory allows you to search for an attorney to assist you with your criminal defense matter.  The directory has a variety of search options including searching by firm name, individual name, by geographic area, or by practice area.  Please be aware that this directory search does not create an attorney client relationship.  Please see our web page terms and conditions for other disclaimers and the use of this site.

For PACDL Members: The directory is your opportunity to provide information for your practice, highlight your expertise and include your web address.  Please be sure to review the directory categories, add information about your firm and upload your firm logo and other relevant information.  Check out the FAQs located in the About Tab on the navigational bar for information on how to publish your contact information on the directory.

For Nonmembers:  The directory is one of the benefits of membership in PACDL.  If you are practicing criminal defense law in Pennsylvania and want to join the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, please
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