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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Defense Strategies for Challenging Bail Conditions

Start Date: 7/27/2022 12:00 PM EDT
End Date: 7/27/2022 1:00 PM EDT

Venue Name: Zoom Webinar - Live Webcast

Organization Name: Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Beth L. Winters
Email: pacdl@pacdl.org
Phone: (717) 234-7403

Defense Strategies for Challenging Bail Conditions
The pretrial system imposes high costs on individuals detained pretrial and has come under intense scrutiny. Reformers and scholars have raised many concerns about the practice including criticisms on procedural, substantive, and racial/socio-economic impact. Bail has been questioned as antithetical to the presumption of innocence, for the brevity of bail hearings, the harm caused including disrupting family lives, causing job loss, being attacked or assaulted while in custody, and pressures to plead guilty because of inhumane confinement, and the link between race and poverty to detention. This webinar will provide an overview of legal strategies for criminal defense lawyers to challenge bail setting practices and conditions in Pennsylvania.
This webinar is approved for 1.0 substantive, practice, and procedure credit hour by the Pennsylvania CLE Board. PACDL is an accredited distance learning provider in Pennsylvania.

Instructor: Nyssa Taylor, ACLU-PA