Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of an elite leadership team of criminal defense lawyers committed to your development and success.  The Board strives to lead and function in a strong partnership with its chief executive, Beth Winters, and continually improve its performance. The Board is moving toward a governing board and, ultimately, seeks to redistribute the work of the Association to committees and various subcommittees and task forces.  The Board of Director will focus on goverrnance, long-term planning, and partnership and collaborations.  The Board's collective core responsibilities include:
​1. Clarifying the organization's mission and vision.
​2. Participating in and approving strategic and policy decisions.
3. Selecting, evaluating, and developing the executive director.
​4. Ensuring adequate financial resources.
5. Providing expertise and access for associational needs.
6.  Building associational reputation.
​7. Overseeing financial and risk management.
8. Monitoring association performance.
​9. Improving board performance.

The Board is comprised of seven officers: president, president-elect, eastern district vice president, western district vice president, middle district vice president, secretary and treasurer. The current individuals holding those offices are listed below. 


Mark B. Sheppard, President Philadelphia
Brad Winnick, President-Elect Harrisburg
Patrick A. Casey, Vice President, Middle District Scranton
Thomas J. Farrell, Vice President, Western District Pittsburgh
Peter E. Kratsa, Vice President, Eastern District West Chester
Wana Saadzoi, Treasurer Media
Jason Dunkle, Secretary State College
Board Members
Jordan F. Barnett Philadelphia
Ellen Brotman Radnor
Henry Cancelmi, Jr. Waynesburg
David Erhard Gettysburg
Ronald Greenblatt Philadelphia
Keisha Hudson Norristown
Brian Jordan Stroudsburg
Ronald H. Levine Philadelphia
Christopher Patterson Lancaster
Edward F. Spreha, Jr. Harrisburg
William Winning West Conshohocken
Michael Winters Lancaster
Past Presidents
Gary N. Asteak Easton
Joseph M. Cosgrove Wilkes-Barre
Arthur T. Donato, Jr. Media*
Robert J. Donatoni West Chester
Michael J. Engle Philadelphia*
David R. Eshelman Reading
Charles P. Gelso (deceased) Wilkes-Barre
Philip Gelso Kingston*
J. Richard Gray Lancaster
John J. Kerrigan, Jr. Langhorne
Stanton D. Levenson Pittsburgh
Joshua D. Lock Harrisburg
Royce L. Morris Harrisburg
Frank W. Nocito Kingston
Caroline M. Roberto Pittsburgh
Bernard L. Siegel (deceased) Philadelphia
James Swetz Stroudsburg
Joel P. Trigiani Philadelphia
Sara M. Webster Doylestown
Barbara A. Zemlock Harrisburg*
*Also serves on the Board of Directors
Beth Winters, Executive Director Harrisburg