Why PACDL is Effective in the Capitol

At PACDL, we take pride in our role as a leading advocate for criminal justice reform and the rights of the accused. Our Association's effectiveness as a legislative advocate stems from several key factors that make us a powerful force for positive, strategic change in the legal system:

1. Expertise in Criminal Defense: PACDL consists of experienced criminal defense attorneys who possess in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system. This expertise allows PACDL to provide informed, practical insights into legislative matters that impact the criminal defense field.

2. Unified Voice: By uniting criminal defense attorneys from diverse backgrounds and regions, we present a unified and powerful voice on legislative issues. Our collective strength allows us to influence lawmakers and drive meaningful change.

3. Access to Lawmakers: We have established relationships with lawmakers and government officials at various levels. These connections enable us to engage in productive dialogues, propose legislation, and advocate for reforms directly with those responsible for making and implementing laws.

4. Data-Driven Advocacy: PACDL relies on data, research, and case studies to support its advocacy efforts. We provide evidence-based arguments that resonate with policymakers, emphasizing the need for reform and justice.

5. Legal Expertise:  PACDL relies on the strength of its membership to provide legal analysis and offer guidance on the practical implications of proposed laws. This ensures that our advocacy efforts are well-informed and legally sound.

6. Collaborative Partnerships: We collaborate with like-minded organizations such as civil rights groups, community advocates, and other legal associations, to strengthen our collective efforts and create a broader impact.

7. Legislative Successes: Over the years, PACDL has achieve legislative successes, including reforms that improve the criminal justice system, protect the rights of the accused, and promote fairness and equity.

8. Ongoing Advocacy: We maintain a continuous presence int he legislative arena, monitoring proposed bills and advocating for policies that align with our mission. Our commitment to ongoing advocacy ensures that PACDL remains at he forefront of legislative change.

By choosing to support and be a part of PACDL, you contribute to an organization with a proven track record of effectivenss in legislative advocacy. Together, we can continue to champion reforms that uphold justice, protect individual rights, and make our criminal justice system more equitable for all.

Pennsylvania's political landscape is dynamic. The names, faces, and positions change with almost every election cycle. One thing stays the same, PACDL is effective because it understands the policy, the process and the policymakers. If you are interested in being an active voice, please contact