Life Members

Life members in PACDL are esteemed individuals who have made a significant and enduring commitment to the organization. They are a special category of members who have demonstrated their dedication and support over ann extended period and invested strong financial support.

Here is a more detailed explanation of Life Members in PACDL:

1. Long-Term Commitment: Life members are often recognized for their consistent, long-term involvement with PACDL. They have typically been active members for a considerable number of years and usually at the formation of PACDL.

2. Outstanding Contributions: Life Members are often individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the Association's mission and objectives. Their contributions may include leadership roles, volunteer work, mentoring, or advocacy for the Association's causes.

3. Lifetime Members: Life Members have lifetime membership status. This means they no longer need to pay annual dues to maintain their membership.

4. Continued Involvement: While Life Members may no longer be required to pay dues, many of them choose to remain actively engaged in PACDL's activities. They often continue to participate in events, mentor younger members, and provide guidance based on their extensive experience.

5. Role Models: Life Members often serve as role models with PACDL. Their commitment and contributions inspire other members to become more engaged and dedicated to PACDL's goals.

6. Recognition: PACDL typically recognizes Life Members through public acknowledgments. This recognition not only honors their commitment but also highlights their role in the Association's history.

7. Advisory Role: Life members may be invited to serve in advisory capacities within the Association, offering their wisdom and experience to help guide the organization's future direction and strategies.

8. Legacy and Impact:  Life Members leave a legacy within the Association. Their contributions and leadership help shape the organization and make it stronger, more effective, and better positioned to support the criminal defense legal community. Life members are top community influencers and champions of proactive engagement in PACDL. They possess excellent communication skills, a collaborative attitude, and an interest in improving the criminal defense system. They advocate with visibility, focus, and agility and strive to achieve game-changing outcomes. Life members make a one-time membership dues payment and are excused from annual dues thereafter. 

In summary, Life Members in PACDL are individuals who have demonstrated unwavering dedication and significant contributions to the organization. Their continuied involvement often plays a vital role in the Association's success and development. Find the names of PACDL's Life members below: 


Arthur T. Donato Media
Robert J. Donatoni West Chester
David R. Eshelman Reading
John J. Kerrigan, Jr. Langhorne
Stanton D. Levenson Pittsburgh
Roy K. Lisko State College
Joshua D. Lock Harrisburg
John B. Mancke Carlisle
Frank W. Nocito Kingston
Allan L. Sodomsky Reading
Joel P. Trigiani Philadelphia
Sara M. Webster Doylestown