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PACDL Dedicated to Educate, Advocate and Inspire

Since 1988, PACDL has been a uniquely driven, professional legal association dedicated to creating member value.  Established by a group of respected criminal defense attorneys, the Association was designed to represent public, private, and court-appointed criminal defense attorneys in Pennsylvania and foster collaboration across the broadest spectrum possible.

This commitment to excellence and thought leadership continues today.  PACDL informs the criminal defense bar's professional knowledge through educational experiences designed to be positively memorable, responsive, and customized to criminal defense practitioners' business needs.  Additionally, PACDL builds a body of knowledge through member-generated forums that offer timely and strategic insights from distinguished colleagues.

Leading with a revolutionary spirit, it challenges convention, demands change, and always looks to the future.  It focuses on your success.  It's value-driven commitment to educate, advocate, and inspire is where PACDL begins and ends every day.  

Membership Application

Join the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  To apply for membership, you can complete and fax or scan/email the membership brochure or fill out the online membership application today. We look forward to having you join our community.
Advocacy Leader

PACDL also invests in zealous, effective advocacy.  This includes not only a state legislative strategy, but also a strong voice at the Pennsylvania appellate court level where the Association introduces amicus briefs when opportunities exist to win precedent-setting rulings.