Listserv FAQs

PACDL offers other community engagments. Most recently, as part of PACDL’s website relaunch, PACDL instituted web-based forums for those individuals that prefer a web-based communication channel.  Members who prefer to use the forums must log in as a member on PACDL’s website to participate in a forum.  Staff automatically adds all new members to the general forum.  We have chosen to offer both communication options and recognize that PACDL’s listserv will likely dominate and continue to prove its overall member value.  PACDL also uses social media such as Facebook to link with its criminal defense lawyer community.

In 2017, the Board of Directors adopted a social media policy and listserv guidelines. It can be found on our website here.  Please be sure to review the policy and its prohibitions against posting inquiries for nonmembers, advertising other provider CLEs, making off-topic requests, and sharing information posted on the listserv. 

If you are a PACDL member and want to subscribe to the listserv, please go to the Resources Tab on the navigational menu to self-subscribe.

To see a complete set of our Listserv FAQs click here.