Continuing Legal Education (CLE) webinars offer significant value to criminal defense lawyers for several reasons:

Education and Skill Enhancement: CLE webinars provide opportunities to learn about the latest legal developments, strategies, and best practices in criminal defense law, helping lawyers stay informed and continuously improve their skills.

Convenience: Webinars are accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, allowing lawyers to participate without the need for travel or time away from their practice.

Cost-Effective Learning: CLE webinars often have lower registration fees compared to in-person seminars, making them a cost-effective way to fulfill mandatory CLE requirements and gain valuable knowledge.

Flexibility: Webinars offer flexibility in terms of scheduling, allowing lawyers to choose sessions that align with their specific interests and needs.

Interaction and Networking: Many webinars include opportunities for participants to interact with presenters and fellow attendees through Q&A sessions and chat forums, fostering networking and knowledge-sharing.

Timely Information: CLE webinars can quickly address emerging legal issues and changes in legislation or case law, ensuring lawyers have up-to-date information for their practice.

Diversity of Topics: A wide range of topics related to criminal defense law, from trial techniques to ethical considerations, is covered in CLE webinars, catering to various areas of interest.

Compliance: Lawyers can fulfill mandatory CLE requirements mandated by Pennsylvania through webinars, ensuring they maintain their legal licenses. Remember to check specific restrictions on the number of distance learning credit hours allowed.

In summary, CLE webinars are a convenient, cost-effective, and efficient way for criminal defense lawyers to continue their legal education, enhance their skills, and stay current in a rapidly evolving field, ultimately benefiting their clients and their legal practice.

PACDL is a Distance Learning Provider

PACDL became a Pennsylvania approved distance learning provider in early June 2020. PACDL's pivot to live webinars has been a positive experience. It has allowed the organization to recruit thought leaders from across the nation and provide instruction from individuals who you may not normally see at a face-to-face conference in Pennsylvania. For example, Richard Rivera from New York City presented on challenging police credibility and Michael Gennaco and Steve Connolly from Playa Del Rey, California offered  a primer on police body-worn cameras. Finally, Jennifer Friedman from CHU in Central California presented a 90 minute webinar on DNA Evidence in Capital Cases.

Go to our
 home page to see a short list of the upcoming webinars or click on our Calendar of Events page to see every CLE that is scheduled. Remember to register for a CLE, we follow normal single sign-on protocol which requires you to sign-in under the members only section located on the top right hand corner of our home page so you can register and pay for your favorite webinar.

Please note that these webinars are live webcasts and are typically offered at Noon.