PACDL has returned to its full compliment of in-person trainings. Additionally, it continues to offer virtual/online events as an opportunity to engage with a larger audience in new ways.  While live events will never be replaced by virtual experiences, we are engaged in thoughful strategic planning for 2024 and how we can meet the same goals of furthering the professional development of criminal defense lawyers, creating meaningful network connections, and building relationships between firms and colleagues. We intend to continue to provide meaningful value to our sponsors who can deliver value, expertise and knowledge.  

We look forward to ideas from our partners and sponsors on how to offer the most return on investment.  We want to listen to your feedback on what strategies have been more successful from your point of view. Finally, we are willing to customize your sponsorship packages based on each company's needs.  Our sponsorship opportunities will continue to be designed for your company to: 

Cultivate Credibility. Interested in building rapport and trust with existing and potential customers? Sponsoring a PACDL CLE can accelerate the process and help spark interest.

Create Brand Awareness. Gain greater visibiulity and develop a competitive edge in the marketplace.  Not only will you gain visual brand awareness every time the CLE is promoted, you can introduce new products and demonstrate services to leaders who are responsible for attracting new business and finding solution providers.  

Increase Your Reach. When you sponsor a PACDL event you reach more than just those who attend. You can maximize your return by promoting your sponsoring of the event to your networks.  

Engage With Your Audience. Sponsorship is a qualitative medium which gives a sponsor theopportunity to cultivate new and existing clients face-to-face, develop lasting relationshiips,educate prospects, and support the defense bar.

Generate Leads. Demonstrate your knowledge, be helpful, showcase your product/service, and gather customer insight by reaching leaders who hold the key to decision-making within their firms.  

Differentiate from Competitors. The mere act of sponsoring an event, especially an exclusive sponsorship, is a signficant way to create competitor differentiation.