Platform Proposal Submission

How to Submit a Legislative Proposal

Are you a passionate criminal defense lawyer committed to justice, fairness, and the protection of individual rights? Your expertise and insights are invaluable in shaping a more equitable and just criminal justice system. We invite you to be a driving force for change by submitting your legislative proposals to be considered by our Platform Committee for our upcoming legislative platform.

Why Your Input Matters:

At PACDL, we firmly believe that real change starts with engaged and informed individuals like you. By submitting your legislative proposals, you have the opportunity to:

1. Influence Policy: Your proposals can directly impact the development of legislation that addresses critical issues within the criminal justice system. Your unique perspective and experience can help shape laws that ensure fair treatment for all.

2. Advocate for Your Clients: As a criminal defense lawyer, you understand the challenges your clients face. Your proposals can help us advocate for reforms that protect the rights and interests of defendants, promoting a system that is just and compassionate.

3. Make a Difference: Your voice matters. When you submit a legislative proposal, you contribute to a collective effort to effect positive change. Your ideas have the potential to create lasting improvements within our legal system.

How to Submit Your Proposals:

Prepare Your Proposal: Craft a clear and concise legislative proposal that addresses a specific issue or area of concern within the criminal justice system. Consider the impact of your proposal on defendants, legal practitioners, and the broader community.

Submit Your Proposal: Visit our website and click on this link. Fill out the submission form, providing details about your proposal, its objectives, and its potential benefits.

Platform Committee Review: Our dedicated Platform Committee will carefully review all submissions in January. They will assess the relevance, feasibility, and potential impact of each proposal and make its recommendation to the Board of Directors. The PACDL members consider proposals at the Annual meeting in April.

Engage in the Process: While your proposal is under review, stay engaged with us. Attend meetings, webinars, and events where you can collaborate with fellow members and advocate for your ideas.

Advocacy and Impact: If your proposal is selected for inclusion in our legislative platform by the members at the Annual Meeting in April, you'll have the opportunity to actively advocate for it. Together, we can drive change at local, state, and even national levels.

Join Us in the Fight for Justice:

At PACDL, we believe that criminal defense lawyers are uniquely positioned to effect positive change within the criminal justice system. Submit your legislative proposals today, and let's work together to create a more just and equitable legal landscape. Your voice matters, and your ideas have the power to shape the future.

Together, we can make a difference. Submit your proposals by completing this form now and be a part of the change!

The members of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (PACDL) direct the association’s legislative efforts. Accordingly, PACDL solicits and relies on its membership to develop proposals that are designed to: eliminate inequities based on policy or public law; express opposition or support for a policy, program or proposed legislation; or recommend changes to a state or federal policy, program or public law that would enhance the practice of criminal defense.  Your platform represents the policy blueprint for PACDL's advocacy efforts.