2024 White Collar Practice Sponsorship

2024 White Collar Practice Seminar - November 14 and 15, 2024 

PACDL offers the preeminent white collar practice seminar in the Mid-Atlantic Region. White collar defense practitioners from across the area will convene for the best two-day, white collar legal education that offers opportunities to network with highly positioned decisionmakers. This event is regularly held at tThe Pyramid Club which offers beautiful amenities at a centrally located site. You don't have to travel across the country or sit for hours on the Washington, D.C. Beltway to obtain marketing exposure and maximize your name recognition. Please review the 2024 sponsorship prospectus for opportunities.    

Why Sponsor the PACDL White Collar Practice Seminar in Philadelphia

Are you a law firm or law-related company seeking opportunities to connect with and support criminal defense attorneys specializing in white-collar practice? Sponsoring PACDL's White Collar Practice Seminar conducted in Philadelphia offers a multitude of compelling reasons to consider:

1. Targeted Exposure:  Our seminar attracts a select audience of criminal defense attorneys who focus on white-collar cases. By sponsoring, your company gains direct exposure to a highly relevant and engaged demographic.

2. Showcase Expertise:   Position your firm or company as a trusted autority in white-collar defense.Share your knowledge, services, and solutions with an audience eager to enhance their practice.

3. Networking Opportunities: Interact with legal professionals who can benefit from your services or products. Cultivate valuable relationships and expand your professional network within the legal community.

4. Thought Leadership: Contribute to the educational component of the seminar by sharing insights, trends, and best practices. Establish your brand as a thought leader in the field.

5. Raise Brand Awareness: Boost your brand's visibility and recognition among a key target audience. A sponsorship places your company in front of potential clients who may require your expertise.

6. Access to Decisionmakers: Engage with decisionmakers in the legal field. Many attendees will be partners, managing attorneys, or key influencers within their firms, making it an ideal opportunity to forge meaning ful connections.

7. Promote Your Values: Sponsorship aligns your brand with the values of legal education, professional development, and community support, showcasing your commitment to the legal profession.

8. Local and Regional Outreach: The PACDL White Collar Practice Seminar may attract attendees from the tri-state area -- New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. This allows you to reach a wide geographic audience at one event.

9. Support Legal Education: By sponsoring the White Collar Practice Seminar, you contribute to the cotninued education and professional development of criminal defense lawyers. Your support helps elevate the legal community.

10. Competitive Advantage: Stand out in a competitive market by aligning your brand with a prestigious legal event. Sponsorship provides a unique edge over competitors. You can choose from various levels of sponsorship to maximize your impact.

Sponsoring the PACDL White Collar Practice Seminar in Philadelphia is a strategic investment that benefits your company. Do not miss this year's opportunity scheduled for November 16 and 17. Your support helps foster education, collaboration, and excellence in white-collar criminal defense. Join us in making a difference while gaining valuable exposure and connections. Contact us today at 717.234.7403 to explore sponsorship opportunities.