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Welcome to the archive of PACDL's digital magazine For The Defense, where we invite you to take a journey through the issues of criminal defense law, advocacy, and justice in PennsylvaniaPACDL's magazine has been a steadfast companion to criminal defense attorneys, for a number of years, and this archive is a testament to the wealth of knowledge and expertise that has graced its pages. 

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The magazine has chronicled the evolving landscape of criminal defense law in Pennsylvania. By delving into our archive, you can:

1. Gain Historical Perspective: Trace the evolution of legal precedents and case law that have shaped the practice of criminal defense law in Pennsylvania over the years.

2. Access Expert Insights: Benefit from the wisdom and expertise of seasoned defense attorneys, legal scholars, and professionals who have shared their knowledge through the magazine.

3. Stay Informed: Explore articles, commentaries, and analyses that cover a wide range of topics, from landmark legal decisions to practical defense strategies, keeping you informed about the latest developments in criminal law.

4. Support Your Practice: Find resources, tips, and best practices that can enhance your effectiveness in the courtroom and in your daily practice.